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About Unblocked Games Central

The idea behind Unblocked Games Central is to allow you to play your favorite games at school. Quite often, classes tend to get boring. Actually, the thing is, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay focused in school during All your classes. So, what do you do? If you are here, then you probably know the right answer. Lean back in your chair, stretch out your legs and do some awesome games for free.

Why the fuss about unblocking ?

So, why unblocked? What's this thing about blocking games? You see, schools don't want you to play games, unless those boring about 'cool math'. They keep on blocking regular HTTP gaming sites forcing people to move to HTTP websites, such as weebly and google sites. That's why kids tend to type in 'weebly games' and 'unblocked google sites' ... I think it's just a matter of time before these get expelled from school servers as well. Everything said applies to any other place with strict or limited web access, regardless you own a PC, mac book or Chromebook.

I really don't want to get too deep into the details, and I believe that most of you kids don't even read these tips, but here's the deal. Most of the school policies use simple technique : they block all gaming sites coming through port 80. HTTPS uses completely different port, which is 443, and it utilizes completely different protocol, which is considered safe. If you decide to register with us, you will be able to earn points and leave comments, which is awesome, while you will be doing all that in a safe manner (please read through our privacy policy for additional info)

How to leave a comment? Please login or register first. Next, hit 'Comments' button bellow any game.

How to use the site ?

I will try to stick to the most popular games: sprinter, narwhal, tank trouble unblocked, bloon tower defense, unfair mario, happy wheels demo unblocked, splixio, vex 3, parking mania, ski safari, kingdom rush, zombocalypse, super mechs, agar io, vivo, flappy bird, run 3, Happy Wheels ... etc - You got the idea. If you are looking for anything specific, click on 'all games' and then go for A-Z sorting, or use a search box in the top right corner. If it's not there, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do. the e-mail is admin at

This subject is so popular that I see literally hundreds of old unblocking sites disappear and a bunch of new ones appear every day. Just stay with Unblocked Games Central and we will no let you down.

Objective #2: Only the best online games

As you've probably noticed so far, I'm trying to filter out for you, only the best online games in terms of popularity, plays count, youtube gameplays etc...That's why we have Run 2 as one of the best series of geometrical endless runners, or Candy Crush Saga, a modern revival of legendary Bejeweled game which reached millions of plays, or maybe Netdoppler's physics-based ball rolling puzzler, one of the most addicting out there called Red Ball. On the other hand, the reason behind not bringing online io games like slither or agar is that these games need to be iframed which is not possible if using https to embed http game. All in all, stay tuned as there will be more and more good games to come, on a weekly basis.

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