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Braains io is an MMO game on the outbreak of zombie infection which threatens to endanger the mankind as we know it.

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Braains io is an MMO game on the outbreak of zombie infection which threatens to endanger the mankind as we know it.

There's no need to analyze the game's title itself, right? Zombies are well known brain eaters, and that's probably not because the human skulls can get crush so easily, but because there's hardly anything more gross than eating someone's brain. That and the taste :) Anyway, the domain was probably taken at the time when developers came up with the idea to build another io mmo with zombies, so they simply added another 'a' inside the word. As you can tell by the popularity of this game, it really didn't make any difference.

As you already know unblockedgamescentral is an https site, which means you can run it safely in schools, but the cons is that some games won't work if embedded as http. Anyway, to cut the long story short, instead of embedding a game, I have just made an outgoing link to a page with the game. The link to follow is this:

Now, few words about the game. First, I think you can play if you just click 'quick play', although a much better option is to register and than be able to use the same username over and over again. Registration does require an email, but I think that nobody's checking it and no confirmation is needed.

Before the outbreak you will be a human. You can just sit there observing others or you can go and try to find a shelter, or even better - make one yourself, or even more better - join a group of survivors and help each other to build the shelter that would stop a big crowd of zombies. working in groups is important because eventually, majority of other players will turn into zombies, and will go out searching for survivors in big groups. So your best bet for survival is to stay in a large group and make a decent shelter.

Infectiousness zombies are easily recognized by dark red color. Only one touch is enough to turn you into one of them. If or when that happens, you immediately start working for a new group, searching for survivors. So the pray becomes a hunter. Interesting concept, because basically you never loose.

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