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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crash Saga is a match-three game where you put three identical candy symbol in the same row in order to destroy them.

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Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crash Saga is a match-three game where you put three identical candy symbol in the same row in order to destroy them. The puzzle has been made by King in 2012. Originally it is meant to be played only on Facebook, but there are several versions and variations which allow you to play outside the Facebook network as well.

There is nothing special about the rules, nothing particular or revolutionary that we haven't already seen or played so far. Actually, Candy Crush is an excellent example of how average game can become hit simply because it is on the Internet.

Your main goal in this game is to keep swapping candies in an attempt to make a three of a kind in the same row. Making 4 or more is a bonus. It will get you a new candy which will act as a bomb.

Levels are very similar. It is either you need to solve the puzzle before time runs out or within a certain number of moves.

Rule number 2: You can also combine the power candy for additional effects by switching them with each other, so if you have time left you may want to save the best sweets for later. Try these combinations for a taste you will not forget Extra rad 1.

You may be wondering, why Candy Crush is so popular, I mean how can a simple puzzle game like that beat much better games in terms of graphics and quality. I am talking about games like Call of Duty and League of Legends.

After all, on the surface, it looks like another Bejeweled clone. It's more than what you get used to be doing, more than just simply matching things in order to try to hit a scored goal. But candy crush gives you a plethora of goal types from level to level. That combined with Candy Crush handcrafted stages makes the player experience different with every level. Each new stage is intended to evoke player to think what the new level would be, how it would look like, let me just check. And then you have player spending another 30 minutes on that next level, and so on and on. So, it turns out that level design is essential for the success of Candy Crush Saga. Just watch the video below:

And here's another good review coming from AppSpy, that will shed some light on Candy Crush immaculate success.

The game is much easier to play on Facebook, but you can also try and play it on iPhone or android phone as well. In mobile version too you can buy extra things to go in the game, but that will cost you cash, real cash. Sometimes you got to destroy all the jelly or it's just the case of clearing the board. The game is tricky but it's really fun to play. Sometimes you may stuck on certain level for days.

Candy Crash is a very addictive game so you will find that you play it for hours. And you'll get quite frustrated when you can't complete something cause it just get a bit annoying. Especially when you see other people completing it and you're thinking what am I doing wrong?

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