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Earn To Die Unblocked

Earn To Die Unblocked

I suppose a desert is the worst place you can be at the time of zombie outbreak, and Earn to Die is all about that.

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Earn To Die Unblocked

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Earn To Die Unblocked

I suppose a desert is the worst place you can be at the time of zombie outbreak, and Earn to Die is all about that.

This game feels as if crafted was specially for guys who are totally into zombie apocalypse, prepping and doomsday survival thing. And even if you're not one of those guys, I mean not into that stuff, I think, no I know, you're still going to love it. Why? Well, simply because the game is totally addictive. You get a car, but without a gas. You get a gun, but with limited ammo. Your goal is to get away from the source of the outbreak, drive as far as possible and meanwhile to drive over and smash as many zombies as you can. Well, you don't have to be survivalist to like that, right?

Speaking of zombies, the whole thing is rather overused. There are thousands of movies and games about them, so it's pretty hard to see anything new on the subject. This game was actually one of the first who break through to become so popular that it had over million of plays at the time. That's why two years after this one they made the sequel : Earn to Die 2 in 2012.

The fun part is that you die, but just like zombies you get a second chance. The money you've collected in the prvious run, you can use it in a garage to do some upgrades, fill up the tank, check out the tyres, buy some ammo, stuff like that. That means the game is sort of a strategy. I mean, you get to save money and spend it only on things you recon will help you beat the current level.

Earn to Die, this version is basically an original one, except for the fact that it runs on https server, which might help avoiding school servers blocking software and hopefully let you play it in the school during a class :) Which is bad of course, but what a heck. In case of zombie apocalypse the school is the last thing to worry about anyway.

I am pretty sure there are hacks and cheats for this game but, It's a classic so I wouldn't recommend that. Play it as is, and enjoy while it last, as they don't make flash games anymore, especially not as good as this one. I had a pretty hard time in finding a walkthough for this one, since it's rather old, and you tube is overcrowded with walkthoughs from 2012 as well as android version, which is out of scope here.

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