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Flappy Bird Unblocked

Flappy Bird Unblocked

Flappy Bird is a simple tap side scroller, skill-based game, where you gotta avoid obstacles while tapping your way through.

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Flappy Bird Unblocked

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Flappy Bird Unblocked

Flappy Bird is a simple tap side scroller, skill-based game, where you gotta avoid obstacles while tapping your way through. If you haven't played this game than, hey, where have you been because it's been around for quite some time now.

Simple graphics, just pixels, and the only thing you're avoiding are these Super Mario Brother's like tubes. Really simple! But it's got a good look to it, simple colors and every time you die the bird changes color as well. Now if you played Jetpack Joyride, you know what you're in for, except that this is no where near as good as it, because it's just too simple. But!, it won't ask you for any money!

What's the fuss about this particular game and why it is so popular? I think it's not the game itself but the whole meme around it that made it famous, so everybody else wanted to play it, thus making it even more famous and more popular. The game itself is pretty lame. I mean, the graphics is basic, the concept of impossible endless runner is also not new, so I guess it's the story around the game is what matter. And that's the story of success about single anonymous average coder who made a game and earned millions of real world coins.

Other content makers, you-tubers, game reviewers, bloggers are just waiting for something like this to happen so they can distribute the same info in zillions of copies all over the world and try to get into the same wagon and maybe earn a coin or two off of it.

Anyway, the Flappy Bird is a game about little yellow bird who needs to pull through a series of seriously hard obstacles, represented as a row of bars, by simply you tapping or clicking or pressing the space bar on the screen.

Today, we have several incarnation of the original game, and this one here is not the original neither. I've found it on git hub and used it as an 'unblocked' version, which means that I host it on unblockedgamescentral website and serve it via https, safe protocol which is not blocked in schools - hopefully!

All this fuss, to let you guys play it on your boring classes. And if any of you teachers are reading this, I just want to say : HELLOOO :))) !!!

This version of the game has been made in java script, css and html, which is called 'html5' I guess, so you can play it not only on PC, but also on your mobile phone, which is even cooler, in case the teacher has been spying on your pc, or in case you have WIFI in your school, so you can use the phone instead of PC.

Flappy Bird is a single player game, which means you can't play it against your friends in multiplayer mode or anything. It's very hard and sometimes so frustrating. The idea is to pass through as many obstacles as you can, but I really don't see why? What's the point? To be able to show your score to your friends and brag about it ? C'mon! Anyway, this concept works and people all over the worlds are crazy about for some unknown and mysterious reason to me.

Now let's get into more details of this very simple gameplay. People are screaming about this game because they can't play. And then there are a lot of reviewers that have gone so far to say 'this is like a carnival game, it's complete luck, no skill involved at all. Bull sh***! It's completely skill-based game.

If you have perfect timing, and you're paying close enough attention you can avoid dying entirely, until the inevitable time that you do die because eventually you'll die there's no ending as far as I'm aware. The game is not easy, it's a real challenge but it's playable. It can also be very good for you because it tests your mind, it takes you to focus and time your taps because it's very precise.

I don't think this is a bad game. You should give it a shot, and you probably won't get far because apperantly most people don't. It'll give you minutes of fun and annoyance here and there. Appeal won't last very long but hey it's free, why not give it a shot. It's simple and you'll put your self to the test and see how good your timing is.

Flappy Bird World Record

If you watch the video below, there's this guy who claims he made the score of 1 million after playing Flappy Bird for 12 days. I think it's load of horse ****, what do you think? Fake or real?

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