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Happy Wheels Demo

Happy Wheels Demo

Happy Wheels is a rag-doll little game created by Jim Bonacci.

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Happy Wheels Demo

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Happy Wheels Demo

Happy Wheels is a rag-doll little game created by Jim Bonacci. It's basically a Flash game in which users are creating levels and other people get to play those levels.

The levels get rated with starts from 1 to 5, and if it does well it will be near to the top of the list and more people will play it.

But it is also about people being mutilated by a vast array of pointy things.

Moving on to gameplay, you can choose between nine characters to play as. The characters are the wheelchair guy, who has a rocket pack on his chair, so he can fly over the terrain. Than there's segway guy who can jump and moves really slow. Irresponsible dad who's using the most levels, fat American lady who can jump and is really slow, motorbike couple who has a speed boost, and others which you can't actually see in demo version.

This game is kind of broad so so it's good to understand which character can be used effectively depending on what kind of terrain that was in.

To win a level you just need to collect all coins or make it to the finish line.

Now visually, Happy Wheels is quite impressive, the backgrounds and foregrounds of all levels are nice for the most of the time and everything moves smoothly like projectiles and such. And it's also good that everything follows the laws of physics, mostly. But I think that i quite like is how much attention to details there is when you character injures themselves or dies.

It's just amazing because it can vary from just limbs falling off to complete decapitation or your entire character's body imploding and blood explodes everywhere.

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