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Parking Mania

Parking Mania

Parking Mania is a driving game with cars about collecting coins, avoiding collisions and doing a perfect parking!

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Parking Mania

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Parking Mania

Parking Mania is a driving game with cars about collecting coins, avoiding collisions and doing a perfect parking!

Parking the first vehicle is easy. Only by using arrow keys you just need to steer it down the parking lot. Maybe you can collect a coin before you do that.

Each level is different. Orange arrows will navigate you in the right direction. Your car is red in color, and sometimes blue, but it always has all 4 lights blinking so you easily can tell which one it is.

Hitting other vehicle turn on the alarm, although I am not sure if that damages the car or anything.

It is irrelevent whether you park front-in or reverse, as long as the vehiecle gets into the parking lot.

The top part of the screen display number of coins required to finish the level. At first it's only 1 coin, later 2 and it gets even more ... So, don't rush for the parking spot before you have enough money to pay for parking.

Top right corner display little cars in black. These are your lives. I think you start off with 5 of them and each time you hit the wall, or other car or any other obstacles, you get one life down. So, not only your objective is to drive to the parking lot and collect tokens, it's also about your driving manners and taking care of others, which is essentially what constitutes a good driver correct?

Good news is that when you crash you actually restart the level you failed at, with maximum number of lives, which is nice. Another good thing about the game is that it is not time measured. I hate when they do that and it's good they didn't.

Starting from level 5, I believe, other vehicles start to appear, thus you're not some lonely guy on the parking anymore. It gets really interesting that way and of course, that's another thing you need to worry about.

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