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Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5

Red Ball is a physics-based puzzle adventure where you control a little red rounded ball with a big smile and very cute eyes.

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Red Ball 5

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Red Ball 5

Red Ball is a physics-based puzzle adventure where you control a little red rounded ball with a big smile and very cute eyes.

The world the ball lives in is very simple. It usually consists of several platforms with yellow stars scattered all over the place. This is how the level 2 looks like. And if you find it way too easy, don't worry, it'll get harder.

By using the keyboard, your task is to move the ball, to the left and run, and to make it jump, until you collect all the stars from the level.

The chest keeps the secret so make sure to roll to it and collect your prize before you finish the level.

When you pick up the very last star from the screen, a door will open up wide and you will be able to walk into a next world. Awesome!

Just like in any other game, there are obstacles on your way. For example, watch out the cactus. He's a good fellow and he won't go after you, but try not to touch his sharp spikes. That hurts! Ouch!

The Cactus guy is not your only 'enemy'. There are other things to keep away from. The spider, spikes in the ground and many many other things. You must be very careful.

And don't forget. The door will open even though you haven't collected your chest prize. Always make sure to do so and then leave.

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