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Run 2

Run 2

Run 2 is a simple PC game, an endless space runner with simple keyboard controls: left, right and jump.

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Run 2

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Run 2

Run 2 is a simple PC game, an endless space runner with simple keyboard controls: left, right and jump. Actually, there's a series of three such games. The 3rd sequal is the last one to this date, but I think that the Run 2 is the most popular one, and by popular, I mean - millions of play.

It's usually that way. The simplest games always get to the top and make big bucks. If you still don't know what am I talking about, take Flappy Bird or Slither IO or even Scary Maze as examples. All of them are brutally simple and yet people loved to play them and they usually brought tens of spinoffs after the success.

Run 2 sets you in a vast blank Universe space with not much to walk on. The path is rather unusual. It consists of strange geometrical shapes, which move and rotate in an unpredictable and random fashion. That all forces you to watch your step. Some blocks on the path are left empty, which makes your walk very dangerous. Your job is to keep up with the game's pace and make sure not to fall through missing blocks and death traps.

At the beginning, you may choose between two characters with different running capabilities. A 'runner' is a character much easier to control but also the one who suck at jumping. On the other hand, there's a 'Skater', a character which is a lot harder to control but it will let you make way longer jumps than the Runner. Both characteristics are important but you can't have them both in one character.

One of the coolest parts about Run 2 is that you can create your own levels. Creating levels falls into an 'experts zone' and is not a trivial task at all. If you still want to check it out, please - be my guest, but you will probably need to read carefully the detailed explanation provided by the author on Kongregate site.

The game is not just about running and jumping. There are rules. For instance: you can't catch onto the darker, narrow walls. See the image bellow:

Due to certain situations, this game can't be called total 'endless' runner. For example, in the situation depicted on the image below, our runner is stopped and stuck. He can't jump high enough to reach the upper platform in order to continue. But if he moves one step to the left or right, he could fall into the space abbeys. It's a stalemate position. Not the end of the world though. One life less won't make a difference.

It's interesting that each level has a different name: 'Cutouts', 'Tricky', 'Lightning Icons', 'A third option' etc...

In the end, it's worth mentioning that you can also collect bonus points which pop up here and there in a shape of yellow orbs. I think they are just not worth it. Usually, you're not in a position to choose between two routes and potentially pick one with the bonus orb on it. It doesn't make much sense. I basically played the game and never went for bonus points. I think it's safe to say you may freely ignore them. They are more for distraction than as the actual boost or something. I just don't see any meaningful use of them.

Run 2 gameplay and walkthrough by Cool Math Games on YT

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Run 2
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