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Scary Maze Unblocked

Scary Maze Unblocked

The Maze Game is called scary because it's scary hard to get that tiny little blue dot through the narrow maze all the way to the end.

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Scary Maze Unblocked

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Scary Maze Unblocked

The Maze Game is called scary because it's scary hard to get that tiny little blue dot through the narrow maze all the way to the end. It's basically a game for testing your skill, patience concentration and hand-eye coordination. It's challenging and makes the player want to try it again and again until it's finished. I mean, you did it, why they couldn't, right? Hopefully, this is scary maze game unblocked, so you would be able to test your friend's reaction in school.

In the brief how-to-play you get to see at the beginning, you get the idea of what it is: reach the goal without touching the wall. There are 4 levels, and in order to complete the game and become super hero of the day, you need to get them passed all. Turning the sound effects ON is a must, and if I may add, using a mouse is a way better than pulling your finger over the mouse pad of your laptop.

Check out the level 1. It looks waay to simple. But, hold on. It's ll get more interesting. It's made this way to get you into the game and give you the feeling of confidence that you can handle this task without problem.

ok, level two does look a little bit more complex, but still - it's nothing. A child could complete this in one pass, right? Well that's the idea.

The real point about the game, and that's what you or the one you're trying to trick is unaware of, is that this is not a real skill testing game. It's a prank, a practical joke. The game pulls you in, hashed into belief that you're solving some tricky skill-required serious of tasks, but instead, it's going to make you jump out of the chair at some point.

At the end of the level 3, which I'm not going to show you here, there's gonna be a huge jumpscare, exactly at the point when the walls get really narrow so one needs to hold on their breath and keep squeezing that blue dot through as slowly as possible. Any sudden move would end up game and they would have to go back to start, which is something they don't want to happen. So, at that point, when your full concentration is engaged and when you're almost there at the end, a large picture of demonic girl from horror movie Exorcist pops up followed by a terrible scream sound in the background, which is intended to scare the crap out of player. The idea is, that if you want to trick someone, you must pretend that the game is just a regular skill based. The best is if you could put it in a full screen mode, although the browsers show up the title which contains spoiler 'scary' word in it, which is bad.

When you're done with it, it might be a good idea to check the peoples' "scary maze reactions" which could be found all over the youtube, where this video down below represents the priceless jewel in the collection. the guy literally pissed his pants, can you believe that? Just go on youtube and type in scary maze best reactions, or scary maze reaction compilation...

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