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Ski Safari - Ski Against The Yeti

Ski Safari - Ski Against The Yeti

Ski Safari is a snow adventure about sleepy skier Stan who skis against Yeti, while trying to escape avalanche with penguins on his side.

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Ski Safari - Ski Against The Yeti

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Ski Safari - Ski Against The Yeti

Ski Safari is a snow adventure about sleepy skier Stan who skis against Yeti, while trying to escape avalanche with penguins on his side. This endless runner comes in various flavors and versions, for Flash and Android, and is very popular game these days. Hopefully you can play it now as unblocked game in your school.

I think the game has a bug, because when I finish one round it won't respond to either my clicks or space bar taps anymore. The only solution is to reload the whole page. I am not sure whether this is problem with Flash, or with my browser or something else, but anyway, keep in mind that this can happen and that the only solution for me was the reload. The clicks just won't work in a second round. Not happy :(

The fist command you're going to use is tap to jump, or in case you're behind the keyboard, space bar to jump. This is basically how you make your ski man jump over the obstacles. While you slide down and collect golden coins, there's usually a rock sticking out of the snow behind the last coin. So make sure you jump before you get too close, and remember - try not to stumble upon your first obstacle.

As you ski, avalanche is slowly approaching behind you. The further you go, the more falls you will survive. For instance, let's just say you stumbled upon the very first rock. Avalanche is still to close and it will probably get you in a second. So your first goal is to get further away from the avalanche.

Backflips are not necessary, but doing them will earn you more miles. Don't insist on doing backflips unless you're good at it, because they are dangerous and you can get hurt.

Ski safari is all about gliding smoothly, good perception and prediction.

Along the way you will meet all kidns of animals: penguins and eagles. If you catch them they can turn very useful, not only in escaping the avalanche, but in finishing tasks such as - catch the yeti.

Yeah, befre I figure out this option, my rides lasted much shorter. The idea here is when you get stumbled and the avalanche is approaching your best bet is to keep clicking rapidly, as fast as you can, as this will recover your ski-man very quickly. Before I knew this, my recoveries were long and the avalanche get to me every time. Very useful tip, if not the most important!

At some point you will see Yeti running, but I never managed to actually 'catch him'. Each time I just flew over him, so I am not sure if there's anything interesting about this task. Still I find yeti animation very cool.

Ski Safari for Android

Sven the sleepy ski man starts off his snowy adventure on a North Pole. Equipped with a pair of skis, boosted up with a rocket launchers and a whole bunch of useful animals on his side, Sven is trying to escape avalanche and make it safely to the end. Do I need to mention that staying in one piece is very desirable. Basically there are several developer studio who made several different versions of this game. On top of that there's also a game made by Cartoon Network, with the same name and similar gameplay: Ski Safari: Adventure Time

Ski Safari for Android by Defiant Development

Ski Safari 2 by Sleepy Z Studio

  • snipedforglorysnipedforglory : I used to play it on my phone all the time shame it doesnt have its upgrades :(
  • WylainWylain : this game is lit
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    snipedforglory (72) - 2018-03-13, 18:50
    I used to play it on my phone all the time shame it doesnt have its upgrades :(

  • avatar
    Wylain (12) - 2017-09-21, 16:55
    this game is lit

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