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Slither IO - Wormate Unblocked

Slither IO - Wormate Unblocked
Same as slither, Wormate is one of those cool io multiplayer games which you can play unblocked from school.
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Slither IO - Wormate Unblocked

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Slither IO - Wormate Unblocked

Same as slither, Wormate is one of those cool io multiplayer games which you can play unblocked from school. You don't get to play the original one because it's been blocked by school admins, but eating up candy bears and cakes doesn't sound too bad and the worm still can grow big just like in the original slither. To play, just click on 'PLAY AS GUEST!" , no login needed.

What is Slither?

Slither is one of the so called 'io' games, which normally wouldn't mean anything except for the fact it utilizes .io domain extension. On the other hand, with the 'boom' it's predecessor game did, people started thinking about 'io' games as light multiplayer minimal designed based versions of the 'snake' game concept. And that is exactly what these games are. As you go and eat whatever is on your way, you grow bigger and bigger until you get eaten by some bigger player. Good old snake game concept missed just one thing to become the 'perfect' choice of game, multiplayer aspect. Being killed by computer is one thing, but being eaten by some real life dude from the same city or totally different country is another. You will agree that the latter is better. While Agar is about you playing as bacteria roaming the germs world in petri dish, Slither is getting back to the roots, meaning that you play as a worm, which is much closer to the original snake character.

OK, show me some screenshots

One of the most deserving people in Internet community for making even more popular is certainly PiewDiePie.

I want to play slither io

I know, this is not what you want. There are several options for this. The simplest one is to go straight to website and play it there. The problem is this is http site and most probably blocked in your school. In that case try options #2 below.

Another option is go and play it on Scratch. Here's the link Slither IO on Scratch by Code Legend. This is not the original version of course, and I think it lacks multiplayer mode fun but it uses the same graphics and it looks and feels as if the original.

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